Multiline pattern not matching in fluentbit

Hello team,
I am ingesting data through fluent bit. we are facing some multiline pattern issu. can any one help me on this.

In the message field it is displaying only 1 line.



Sample log line:

2021-11-18 13:32:35,295 INFO - [1]^M
:MSG:BW Process Engine started for PROD AWAI FONBatchBroker:^M
PROCESS NAME:/AutomatedProcesses/Common/StartUpandShutdownProcesses/EngineStartUpIntimation^M
 - [?:log:?]

@Badger @DPattee Appreciate your help on this. If you have any idea on same

This is not the right forum to ask about about functionality on

There are many slightly different flavours of regular expressions. If you want to know how logstash interprets a regexp then test it in logstash.

@Badger ,
Thanks for quick reply. How i can check this in logstash?

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