MultiLine read with File Beat


I am using filebeat on my hdfs root directories which having lots of log file inside that, for this we also using multiline parser of filebeat. So i just want to confirm on some below queries:

  1. Since we are reading multiple files using filebeat multiline parser, so is it possible that we get different -different lines of different logs files under a single json response.? Means file beat multiline parser will not merge line of different different logs file into single json response?

  2. Since our HDFS root directory having lots of log file around(800) of different edge node so will it create any memory issue? If yes then what should we use?
    Or if its having any impact of performance since we are using it for lots of file?

  3. Is there are any chances that we can lose some of logs or not?

Please provide some clarification on these points. It really help us for better understanding.

Thanks and Regards,
Ankit Jindal

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