Multiline settings for external config files


My multiline config in filebeat.yml works fine but recently I broke the file into two, one file contains some static paths (the regular filebeat.yml) and one contains some dynamic paths that are updated at a set interval. I noticed that the multiline settings in filebeat.yml do not seem to apply for the external file which has a different yaml structure. I added these settings to the external file and now it does not appear to have even been read.

Can someone tell me if the external files support their own multiline settings or pick up the ones in filebeat.yml. I can put my own mechanism in place which would be to keep everything in filebeat.yml and restartt filebeat when the paths change but it would seems that the dynamic loading of external config files is made for my use case and it would be a pity not to use it. Any insight would be appreciated.

Is there anybody who has experienced multiline issues with external config files, please?

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