Multiple dissect in logstash


I would like somehow to have multiple dissect or grok
one for Errorlog :
dissect { mapping => { "message" => "[%logdate}] %{exception}.%{CHttpException}.%{logtype}.%{loglevel}: %{errormessage}" } }

and second one for Info log but the syntax is different:

[2020-10-21 14:51:33] application.INFO:
"message" => "[%logdate}] %{application}.%{loglevel}: %{infomessage}"

  1. Is it possible to use "dissect" for two differant syntaxes?
  2. if not what can I use?

You can have multiple dissect filters. The documentation suggests using if conditions to determine which dissect to apply.

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Hi, thank you very much for your link !! and answer

> if[message]=~ /application/{
>  dissect {mapping => {"message" => "[%{logdate}] %{application}.%{loglevel}: %{logsmessage}"}}
> }
> else{
>  dissect { mapping => { "message" => "[%{logdate}] %{exception}.%{CHttpException}.%{errorcode}.%{loglevel}: %{errormessage}" } }
> }

Could you please tell how to correct enter the condition for message ?
or should I just write if [message ]== application{

thank you

No, that is a string equality test. You can use a regex, as you have shown, or you can use a sub-string match

if "application" in [message] {
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thank you very much for your answer

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