Multiple Indexes in logstash from multiple filebeats -hostname

Hi I am a complete newbie to ELK. I have downloaded set up ELK in local.Now i am able to search one log file(from filebeats) in Kibana UI with logstash-* index. In my json logs I have a filed called hostname:xxxx . i need to create different indexes based on hostname( eg from production server,sit servver,test server). so that from the kibana i can use different indexes name based on host name(eg logstashproduction-* ). can you please tell me step by step changes it needs in config- filebeats,logstash config?

1.Do i need to create new index template? since the filebeats are in multiple client servers how can i get the respective filebeats type in logstash based on different host name.

2.can some one tell me the process how it works for different indexes.I have gone through few similar posted questions but unable to get overall picture.


This has been discussed in another thread:

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