Multiple Select queries in Logstash JDBC Plugin

Hi All,

I am trying to pull data from MYSQL.I am able to get Data from MYSQL.
But i want fetch data one mysql table as one type in ES index like for Example:

I have A,B, C tables in MYSQL i want to run Select * on all tables and A as type atype, B as a btype and c as a ctype in ES index.

So final output in ES should be one index with 3 types.I am able to fetch individually but i want all this in one shot in logstash config.


Are they similar kinds of data? Cause you need to be really careful using multiple types in ES.

Data is similar but some tables having 10 column and some having 20 column.
I am not able to see any document for me it seems very common scenario.


You are better of putting them in different indices.

With this, are you doing a join?

Any Specific Reason?