Multiple service name for apm for java webapps for single tomcat server


I am running multiple war files in single tomcat server.
Had a doubt if we set the following property at tomcat level how will we differentiate at application level.

set CATALINA_OPTS=%CATALINA_OPTS% -Delastic.apm.service_name=my-cool-service

Bryce Fernandes.

Thanks for the question.

As described in the service_name config documentation, service names are auto-discovered by default (meaning - when the config option is not set). This should produce a service per war file.

Please make sure you use the latest version, as the former had a bug that may affect this capability.

Also notice the described caveat - the Metrics tab will not show metrics per service, instead you can view the JVM metrics under the default tomcat-application service.

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Hi @Eyal_Koren

Thanks for your reply. I am using elk stack and apm version 7.11.1 is it good to go?

Thanks and Regards,
Bryce Fernandes.

Sure thing!
Sorry, I was referring to the Java agent version - latest is 1.25.0.

Thanks @Eyal_Koren

Its working fine. :slight_smile:

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