Multiple tags for each container and running on ec2-instance


Logs storing on native path(locally)
we are running multiple containers (Container A and Container B) on AWS ECS.. and specific folder of ec2-instance (Linux) are mounted on each container docker files. so logs are stored on that specific folder.

Now we want to push that 2 containers logs to elk stack, so we have installed the filebeat agent on that ec2-instance box and it is pushing all the logs from that specific folder to elk stack.. we are able to kibana service as UI on browser.

Problem is, we are able to push that 2 containers logs by single tag, need to push different tags.. such as Container A logs, would go by tag as well as Container B on filebeat agent file..

Is that possible on filebeat or any alternative method?

Could you please provide more info? What kind of tag do you mean? Tags of the events or Docker tags?

Please also share the configuration you are using formatted using </>.

I have done this filed option for separate log files in file beat configuration.

Which means, docker keeping the logs in host machine and filebeat pushing from that location to elk. Is there any option to send directly from docker container level instead of stored at local host machine.. log configuration?

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