Mutate convert seems not to be working


I had a mutate filter convert some nested fields from string to float.

It worked before the last update to 6.2.4 but now it seems to have stopped working. Unfortunately I skipped some versions and don't know anymore what version it worked with, but it was a 6.x.

mutate {
  convert => {
    "[a][b]" => "integer"
    "[a][c]" => "integer"

Curiosusly I couldn't get it to work even when I changed the nested fields to non-nested fields. The convert is just ignored and the values are written to Elasticsearch as string. I triple checked with the documentation and had a coworker have a look at it but still no luck. Either I'm blind or this stopped working. I didn't find an issue in the GitHub Repo of mutate either.

Could you just give me a hint?

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