Mutate gsub - re-using regex

Hi everybody,

I would like to parttially remove the end of a string like that:

mutate {
        gsub => [
          "fieldname", "(:[0-5][0-9].\d{3})\d*$", "what_is_between_brackets"

Context: I parse dates that can contain more than millisecond as decimal (4 to 5 digits after the decimal point).

But the date plugin can only manage date up to milliseconds and fails if there is more than 3 digits after the decimal point.

So, the idea is to gsub the string removing digits after the third.

Any suggestion is welcome.

What does your field looks like? Can you give an example of the values?

I have a similar case with a field that has unix epoch time with a precision in the microseconds or more, I use the truncate filter to keep only the milisecond precison.

This is what I do:

truncate {
    fields => "[@metadata][timestamp]"
    length_bytes => 13

Maybe you can do something similar depending on how does your field looks like.

Hi Leandro,

This is an example:
2021-09-28 10:33:08.0454
So, this should do the trick:

truncate {
    fields => "my_field"
    length_bytes => 23

Okay, thank you for this.
I'll apply it to my logstash filter.

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