My logstash not getting a spesific json files

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Hi guys,
my log stash not getting a specific json files.
for example if i'm sending a file with without lines in the end of the json the i dont see the file.
if im edting the json file with VIM and entering a space or /n (new line) log stash is getting the file.
example of my json (the one that not arrived)
{"uuid":"aee9d7be-90ed-4e87-857c-b462e4107c7a","name":"Utils.BaseSelenium.BaseSeleniumUI.BeforeMethod","children":["0ce76c61-01f8-4aaf-a810-9f2f291ed23f"],"description":"","befores":[{"name":"BeforeMethod","status":"passed","stage":"finished","description":"","steps":[{"name":"Running on Linux OS","status":"passed","stage":"finished","steps":,"attachments":,"parameters":,"start":1555447110796,"stop":1555447110796},{"name":"Running on ip","status":"passed","stage":"finished","steps":,"attachments":,"parameters":,"start":1555447110796,"stop":1555447110796},{"name":"Running on browser : Firefox/61.0","status":"passed","stage":"finished","steps":,"attachments":,"parameters":,"start":1555447110804,"stop":1555447110804}],"attachments":,"parameters":,"start":1555447110796,"stop":1555447110804}],"afters":,"links":,"start":1555447110796,"stop":1555447110804}
here is my logstash configuration:
input {
beats {
port => "5044"


#filter {


output {
elasticsearch {
hosts => [ "*******:9200" ]

please help me guys :frowning:

thank you

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