My translate config isn't working

(Joel Hashman) #1
filter {
if [eventlog_category] == "Directory Service Changes" {
	ruby {
		code => "event.set('gpo_guid', event.get('ObjectDN')[4..39])"
	translate {
		field => "gpo_guid"
		destination => "gpo_name"
		dictionary_path => "D:/ELK/logstash-5.6.5/yaml/gpo_guid.yaml"


The config above for translate is not creating the new field gpo_name any ideas why? I don't see any errors in the logstash log and I do see that logstash is periodically refreshing the dictionary file.

An example entry in gpo_guid.yaml is below:

"edf5c692-6005-4899-af86-41b3f36545f0" : "Copy of MS_Office_2000"

(Mark Walkom) #2

Is it pulling the gpo_guid field from the event?

(Joel Hashman) #3

Yep it is pulling the gpo_guid field and adding it to the index. It shows up unquoted.


(system) #4

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