Mysql data no longer getting into ES

Hi all,

I have been running packetbeat to collect mysql data since the early beta and it always worked perfectly. I upgraded through every release and now im running 1.0.1.

Sending the mysql data stopped working a week ago and it seems to be around the time we switched from mysqli to pdo. Could there be a link between the 2?

I used to gather in ES about 5000 entry per 10 seconds and now I get about 15 entry per 30 minutes.

Using packetbeat -e -c /etc/packetbeat/packetbeat.yml -d "publish,mysql,mysqldetailed"
I get the following:

2016/01/07 14:45:09.786543 mysql.go:205: DBG MySQL parser called. parseState = Start
2016/01/07 14:45:09.786555 mysql.go:221: DBG MySQL Header: Packet length 10, Seq 0, Type=23
2016/01/07 14:45:09.786563 mysql.go:315: DBG Message complete. remaining=0
2016/01/07 14:45:09.786578 mysql.go:205: DBG MySQL parser called. parseState = Start
2016/01/07 14:45:09.786586 mysql.go:221: DBG MySQL Header: Packet length 12, Seq 1, Type=0
2016/01/07 14:45:09.786593 mysql.go:247: DBG Received OK response
2016/01/07 14:45:09.786601 mysql.go:315: DBG Message complete. remaining=43
2016/01/07 14:45:09.786635 mysql.go:644: WARN Response from unknown transaction. Ignoring.

in comparison to mysqli, pdo seems to use prepared statements (or your implementation changed?), which is currently not supported by mysql.

The Request Type=23 is the execute statement request, which is currently ignored by packetbeat.

Alright at least there is an explanation and it make sense!

Do you know if there are any plan to support type 23?

Many thanks for your time.

It's about supporting prepared statements in mysql analyzer in general. I'm not aware of any plans, but feel free to add a feature request. We're always happy about community contributions :wink:

Many thanks for your time and help!

Have a great day :slight_smile:

You can track the issue on github