Mysql select problem

Hi all,

I've a problem monitoring mysql selects.
Some of them are not published to my elasticsearch, for example all "select * from table", or "select name from table" where name is a varchar. It is a strange behavior, are there some problems with special charcters or type of fileds of the select? Or am I missing something else?
A clue is in the cardinality of the table (1100 entries) and number of columns (20); it could be the problem in the size of the response?

If the response is big, it could be because of packet loss. Try the suggestions from here: especially a sniffer configuration like this:

 device: lo
 type: af_packet
 buffer_size_mb: 50
 snaplen: 65535

This will be improved significantly in beta2.

Thank you very much, it seems to work. When is scheduled beta2 release?

Currently targeting July 10th.