Native SOAR in Elastic

Hi Team,

I wanted some help in clarifying the capabilities of Elastic Products.
For native SOAR Capabilities, is it provided by Elastic Security?
Additionally, what are the features of the native SOAR Platform?

Thanks in Advance!

Hi @blueoreo welcome to the Elastic community and thanks for your questions about SOAR.

Elastic Security's native approach to SOAR is powered by Elastic Agent. This technology, included with the Elastic Security solution, empowers single-click use case growth across hundreds of data sources as well as management of our endpoint and cloud security protection software. Elastic Agent powers native remediation capabilities accessible to all users, ensuring anyone can begin their SOAR journey without the need to purchase additional technologies.

Here are a few more links where you can learn about everything about the features of our native SOAR platflorm:

Please let us know if this answers your question!

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