Need help for RUM configuration for Angular 1.13

Hi @basepi & @lwintergerst ,

Need help on how to configure RUM for AngularJS 1.13 ?


Hi Dixit,

Please avoid tagging Elastic team members directly. The forum is best effort help.

Can you give some more information on which version of the RUM agent you are using, how you are instrumenting your application and any errors that you are seeing?

Hi Carly,

The RUM agent am using is 5 .0 +
Am unable to configure as Angular version is 1.13 (old ones). Can you suggest me steps as angular 1.13 doesn’t support Webback.

May be installation steps would help me a lot


Hi @Dixit ,

Have you looked at our Angular integration docs. Please let us know if you need further help.


@vigneshshanmugam is right on the docs. Just a warning, which is at the top, that RUM agent 5+ supports Angular 9.0+, so you will probably need to downgrade to 4. And even then I'm not sure that will work with AngularJS given it has been EOL since 2021.

Let us know if you have any particular errors integrating.

Hi Carly and @vighnesh,

Then there are no RUM AGENTS which works seamlessly for Angular 1.11 ?

Followed the docs and configured, seems to be some issue , not able to get the calls on the Dashboard.

If there are any step by step config info , would help though for me

Thanks ,

Hi Dixit,

Tbh I've never tried our agent with AngularJS, and I'm not sure it will. Angular 1.13 was released in 2014 and has been out of support by Google since end of 2021. If someone has hopefully they'll comment with their experiences.

To answer your questions on setup of the agent (v4.x) you need to do the following:

  1. Enable the RUM endpoint on Elastic APM.

  2. Setup the RUM agent itself using the setup guide. Specifically, you'll need to install the agent in one of the two ways given here.

  3. Configure CORS, if needed.

  4. I've found another thread from 2020 talking about lack of support for AngularJS for the framework extension, so not sure whether the framework specific integration package will work or not. I would suggest trying the above 3 steps first before attempting this step as it will be an experiment.

Give it a go and let us know how you get on!

Thank you
Will give it a try

hi ,

No luck in integration. Followed the steps given here - Angular integration | APM Real User Monitoring JavaScript Agent Reference [5.x] | Elastic

May more insights would help on how we can Integrate RUM .

Documentation is not that great though !! may am not getting or that's the case for all not sure

Appreciate you giving us feedback on the docs @Dixit. I'm assuming you tried v4.x of the agent rather than the v5.x you have linked to? The docs explicitly state that v5.x only supports Angular v9.0+ which is why I suggested trying version v4.x above.

Even 4.x the same story no difference , tried all means. May be docs are not coherent and depictive where what has to be done & exactly which place.

Typically docs should help even the amateur user to get the product working , here it seems to be missing that theme

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