Need help with BIND DNS Pattern

Hi Guys,

I am bit stuck up in parsing BIND DNS logs and need help since something is wrong and patterns are not being matched.

Here is the log

27-Nov-2017 18:57:19.747 client ( query: IN A +E (

and here are my parsers

(?%{MONTHDAY}-%{MONTH}-%{YEAR} %{TIME}) client %{IPORHOST:clientip}#%{NUMBER:port}: query: (?[a-z0-9-]+.[a-z0-9-]+\S+) IN %{WORD:recType} + (%{IPORHOST:DNSIP})

Can someone please help?

It looks like you've forgotten to match " (" between the port number and "query: ".

Hmm..have facing challenges and need help with. I am not able to map DAYMONTH which is beginning at the line. And then brackets at the end for IP addresses.

client ( query: IN A (

client %{IPV4:clientip}#%{POSINT:clientport} (%{GREEDYDATA:query}): query: %{GREEDYDATA:Target} IN %{GREEDYDATA:querytype} (%{IPV4:src_ip}) --> This does not match

And with this

client ( query: IN A

It matches perfectly -->

client %{IPV4:clientip}#%{POSINT:clientport} (%{GREEDYDATA:query}): query: %{GREEDYDATA:Target} IN %{GREEDYDATA:querytype} (%{IPV4:src_ip})

Any clue how do I match dates & those brackets?

OK Able to resolve my second issue with this

client %{IPV4:clientip}#%{POSINT:clientport} (%{GREEDYDATA:query}): query: %{GREEDYDATA:Target} IN %{GREEDYDATA:querytype} ((%{IPV4:src_ip}))

Now the only issue is with date

I guess even that worked

%{MONTHDAY}-%{MONTH}-%{YEAR} %{TIME} client %{IPV4:clientip}#%{POSINT:clientport} (%{GREEDYDATA:query}): query: %{GREEDYDATA:Target} IN %{GREEDYDATA:querytype} ((%{IPV4:src_ip}))

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