Nested Json Array creation by Joining many Tables from Oracle

Hi All,
I am new to ELK,As part of our POC I have installed ElasticSearch(5.4.2), Kibana and Logstash. We need to move data from oracle to Elasticsearch for analytics Purpose. Do we need to use any programming language to do this Activity or in Logstash itself we can do this.

We need to read 3 to 4 oracle table which is in normalised format and convert that into nested Json array format and load in Elasticseacrh.

I am unable to find any docuement on creating nested Json Array from oracle.

Please help me on this

The jdbc input plugin that Logstash provides produces one Logstash event per row in the result set. That probably won't do in your case. It's possible that the aggregate filter can help you create the array you're looking for.

Thanks for the answer. I will explore the aggregate filter.

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