Nested json imposible to parse


I have a nested json in a field like this:
"host" => "",
"source" => "/mnt/centralizedlogs/logstash/netsec/48851f14d3e9/2017-06-08.txt",
"message" => "{"@timestamp"=>"2017-06-08T07:06:13.427Z", "@version"=>"1", "beat"=>{"hostname"=>"48851f14d3e9", "name"=>"48851f14d3e9", "version"=>"5.4.1"}, "group"=>"netsec", "host"=>"48851f14d3e9", "identifier"=>"asalog", "input_type"=>"log", "message"=>"Jun 8 02:06:12 %ASA-4-106023: Deny tcp src OUTSIDE: dst ProdWeb: by access-group \"101\" [0x0, 0x0]", "offset"=>44112925, "source"=>"/var/log/asa/asa.log", "tags"=><Java::JavaUtil::ArrayList:-1276964729 ["beats_input_codec_plain_applied"]>, "type"=>"log"}",
I tried to do:

source => "message"
target => "parsed"
also tried to add_field with:


not working :frowning:

Also in the input i tried:

codec => "json"

Always I get a : [0] "_jsonparsefailure",

any ideas? what I'm doing wrong?

Thank you very much!

I get: <LogStash::Json::ParserError: Unexpected character ('=' (code 61)): was expecting a colon to separate field name and value

I guess I have to replace "=" for ":"...


What you've shown us isn't JSON. It looks like something produced by Logstash's rubydebug codec. If so, why are you trying to parse it?


this is what i receive from filebeat which i'm not the owner...

Even though that is not valid JSON, it is quite close, so you may be able to convert it to valid JSON using a mutate filter. Something like this may work:

mutate {
    gsub => [
      "message", '=>', ':',
      "message", ':,', ':[],'

Well, Filebeat doesn't produce data that looks like that. Where does Filebeat get its data from?


maybe the problem comes from the origin, I don't know.., But I will use the Christian solution, to get a valid JSON


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