(Net::OpenTimeout) The same configuration but not working when moving to another environment

Hi Logtash team

I am using logstash mail output plugin for sending alert mail.
it has been working normally on DEV environment by setting as below.

email {
            from => "xxx@gmail.com"
            body => "body text "
            to => "abc@gmail.com"
            subject => "Title"
            codec => "plain"
            contenttype => "text/plain; charset=UTF-8"
            address => "smtp.gmail.com"
            port => 587
            authentication => plain
            username => "xxx@gmail.com"
            password => "password"
            use_tls   => true

but when i move this setting to staging environment, has an error was occurred.

Something happen while delivering an email {:exception=>#<Net::OpenTimeout: execution expired>}

what setting should i change?

thanks you for supporting.

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