Netflow data ingested but not showing under SIEM | Network


I have a fresh install of logstash 7.2 with netflow configure following the /home/tutorial/netflow tutorial, and its pushing data to (7.2) sucessfully. The Dashboard Netflow: Overview work great and no missing data across visuals.

When I go to SIEM | Overview I notice there is count next to Filebeat Netflow, and SIEM | Network data is empty.

Any idea how I get this to show under SIEM | Network?

Unfortunately the Netflow module in Logstash doesn't currently use ECS fields, which makes it incompatible with the SIEM app.

If it is possible in your setup, we recommend using the Filebeat Netflow input and module instead. That one is fully ECS compatible.

Thanks @tudor, that cleared up the confusion. Switched over to Filebeat:netflow module and data is reporting correctly.

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