Netflow Module : Logstash geoip2.exception

The Kibana Dashboard is empty, despite of Logstash receives the netflow traffic.

The logstash log has the following prints :

[DEBUG][org.logstash.filters.GeoIPFilter] IP not found! exception=com.maxmind.geoip2.exception.AddressNotFoundException: The address is not in the database., field=[netflow][src_addr], event=1970-01-02T02:50:21.000Z %{message}

[DEBUG][logstash.filters.geoip ] IP was not found in the database {:event=>#LogStash::Event:0xf04f397}

Everything worked fine until I restarted the computer.

before restarting I saw the sent netflow messages in Kibana :

The logstash input config is

input {
udp {
host => ""
port => 2055
codec => netflow

Could please explain, what happened and how to fix the problem


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