New account on points "Drafts" sidebar menu option to another user

Newbee trying to get comfortable with the land layout and seem to switch over to a screen for user stephenb (Stephen Brown) once I click on the "Drafts" sidebar option. Then once I click to a different tab (i.e. Summary, Activity, Badges), the balance of the screen populates to stevenb's content. An exception to this that I notice during creating this draft, the draft I am typing right now is listed under "Activity" once I first go in to Drafts from some other sidebar menu option but the content under "Activity" switches to stevenb's after I click on a different tab title within the Drafts screen (like Summary) and then go back to "Activity". Thereafter all of the tabs (Summary, Activity, Badges) are only stevenb's content.

Hi @EAC,

Welcome! Thank you for reporting this issue. We'll take a look!

Thank you!

I can reproduce indeed this behavior. Thanks for reporting. I'm going to ask our support.

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I think we now fixed this. Could you confirm @EAC?

Hello @dadoonet and @carly.richmond ! It looks fixed from my account perspective. Thank you for your help!