New user questions about date format


I have two inputs pulling in data in different formats. My problem is the timestamps are causing issues. The first looks like something this 2018-09-21T22:13:27.161Z and the second will have this format 4/11/18 17:19

How can I get them to be the same date format?

Thanks in advance

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The Date Filter, which populates the @timestamp by parsing the value in another field, takes a list of formats. It will try each in succession, stopping only when it finds a match or reaches the end of the list. Once populated, the @timestamp is a timestamp object, representing a specific moment in time. It can be formatted into a String using the sprintf syntax.

The first format you list is ISO8601, a well-recognised international standard.

The second format is potentially ambiguous. Is that April 11th, 2018, or is it November 4th, 2018?

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