Nginx Module (Filebeat) getting data from another server

I am trying to resolve the following case.

I have my ES, filebeat, logstash, and kibana installed and setup on Server A. But now I am trying to activate this "Nginx module" to monitor activities and logs from Server B. After I have activated the module and configured it, I notice it does not able to capture any data.

My logstash also did not received any form of index recorded to the ES.

I also found that there is a difference between ES and Nginx understanding the setting of Remote IP, ES = remote_ip whereas Nginx = $http_x_real_ip . In the case above, how can I make server B data can be presented to server A?

Second question, is this correct that these modules are needed in the passing of data? Nginx >> Filebeat >> Logstash >> ES >> Kibana

Does all these above are used and placed correctly? Is there any settings I need to do ?

When I check on " service filebeat status" It shows me some error msg. -- File is inactive: /var/log/mysql/error.log. Closing because close_inactive of 5m0s reached.

Some items are fixed:

  • Now I am able to get some data from server B, after removing the old indices and restart elasticsearch and filebeat.

When I go to the discover page and select "filebeat-*" there is no record found. May I know how do i check why there is no data coming in?

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