No Certificates found. Note: Certificates are only visible for Heartbeat 7.8+


The Elastic Stack is version 7.16.2 and the heartbeats at the hosts are version 7.15.0. On the Kibana Observablity -> Uptime -> TLS Certificates no certificates are shown and a text is shown:

No Certificates found. Note: Certificates are only visible for Heartbeat 7.8+

The heatbeat index certainly contains TLS certificate data and on the Monitor page the information about each endpoint is shown e.g. Expires in X years and when hooving over the lock icon the expiration date is shown.

Why are the certificates nor shown on the TLS certificats page? The index pattern is still 7.5.0 because the index has not rolled over. Do I need to force a roll over to a 7.15.O index-mapping?

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Hi @fgjensen - yes I think you are on the right track. If you've got a 7.15 heartbeat writing to indices that were created by an earlier version, I think you're going to want to consider checking that the mappings are correct.

The way I'd test this would be to have 7.15 Heartbeat write to a new index so it will perform its setup operation. You can modify the settings to point Uptime UI to your new index and look at the TLS page to see if the expected values are showing up now. If you don't want to impact your users, you could create a new space to test this new index.

As a side note, the Uptime UI should pick up any indices that match heartbeat-7* by default, so there's no reason from a baseline experience perspective not to allow different versions of Heartbeat to setup/write to their own indexes. This ensures the appropriate mappings will be present for each version of the beat as you upgrade over time.

Please let us know if that doesn't work for you. Thanks for using Heartbeat/Kibana!

Hi @jkambic

Thanks for your reply.

We collect and ingest the beats data through Logstash. Logstash is configured to write to a heartbeat-xxxxxx indeks with ILM handling the lifecycle. I setup the index mappings with a manual export from a beat and keep the 7.5.0 mapping along with the 7.15 mapping as long as there are both 7.5 and 7.15 beats in the infrastructure.

However, based on your suggestion I'll force a roll-over a 7.15 index as soon as the last agent host is upgraded to 7.15. This should happen this week according to the service provider.

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Ok, best of luck with the resolution! Feel free to post back here if you encounter further issues regarding this.

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