No logs in filebeat index even though it has docs

I am using filebeat docker image with syslog enabled. When I run a search under discover I am not getting any results even though I know there is logs because if I run a search in Dev Tools I can see some of the log messages that I am expecting to see. A _cat/indices?v shows that the filebeat-xxxx index has docs and they are increasing.

I have also checked my Syslog dashboards under dashboard but there no results there. What am I doing wrong or what do I need to do in order to see my logs? I have the system module enabled in filebeat.

Below is my filebeat.yml let me know which other files you need.

            path: ${path.config}/modules.d/*.yml
            reload.enabled: false

          - add_cloud_metadata: ~
          - add_docker_metadata: ~

        - type: syslog
          enabled: true

          hosts: ["elasticsearch:9200"]

          host: "kibana:5601"

Here is the status of my index

[myuser@myserver filebeat]$ curl http://x.x.x.x:9200/_cat/indices?v
health status index                            uuid                   pri rep docs.count docs.deleted store.size
green  open   .kibana-event-log-7.8.0-000001   hdYjzCxRQfiiHgBCRW8Fcg   1   0          6            0     30.8kb         30.8kb
green  open   .apm-custom-link                 -WG7bYkKSbyZP-Lzg0pSBw   1   0          0            0       208b           208b
green  open   .kibana_task_manager_1           b7A64Ud7TnCXgBl9xfLVIw   1   0          5            4     21.2kb         21.2kb
green  open   .apm-agent-configuration         P38q3cudSsi3CHnwcxGPMQ   1   0          0            0       208b           208b
green  open   .kibana_1                        inf5hoxqSjO5zI_WFuDP9w   1   0       1509           11        1mb            1mb
yellow open   filebeat-7.8.0-2020.07.17-000001 O9X2zfECT7SEN1a9kUi1LQ   1   1       1607            0    364.1kb        364.1kb

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