No logstash directory in /usr/share

I am running Logstash with Docker and after I pull the docker image, there is no logstash directory in /usr/share to add config files.


I'm assuming you are inside the container. Which image did you pull? Which version? How are you running it?.

I´m running and there is a /usr/share/logstash direcotry in there.

Hope this helps

Hi. I've never used docker before. So when you say "I'm assuming you are inside the container". Do you mean that I won't find it on the host machine I'm starting the Docker container from?

And I'm running 7.5.2.

Hi @kevin5617

What you did was pull an image, but it doesn't seem like you are running a container from it, yet.

I'd suggest you start reading on the run command here . You are in for a treat!

Indeed, one of the nice things about containers i that a whole application is (you guessed it) contained inside, thus having no effect on the host: it does not write on the host's filesystem, it doesn't use its libraries, etc... You can think of a container as a micro virtual machine (it is not, but you can think of it that way for now).

So, what you have to do is run your container and then get inside it with exec -ti (more reading for you).

Now, beware. Once you stop and delete your conatiner, all changes you made inside it will be gone, thats why you'll need to read on volumes and bind mounts in order to be able to make your logstash pipelines persistent (now you'll be writing on your host's filesystem).

Hope this helps you get started on your docker journey.

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