No Matches for the grok filter

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HI all

Im new to the ELK stack and i have face fallowing problem when i try to create a pattern for a custom log file

This is the custom log line

INFO [01/Jul/2017:03:38:38 +0530] REQUEST CarrierName Balance Check 15240273

This is the filter i wrote

filter {
  grok {
     match => { "message" => "%{LOGLEVEL:Info}  \[%{TIMESTAMP_ISO8601:time}\] %{URIPROTO:type} %{WORD:carrier} %{NOTSPACE:task} %{NUMBER:id}"}

But this return "no mathes " on grok debugger

Any suggestions ???

(Robert Cowart) #2

You are using the pattern NOTSPACE and "Balance Check" obviously has a space in it.

(Magnus Bäck) #3
  • Your expression requires two spaces after the log level but your example indicates you only have one space.
  • Your timestamp isn't ISO8601 so TIMESTAMP_ISO8601 won't work.
  • As previously mentioned NOTSPACE and "Balance Check" doesn't make sense.

(Kavinda Rasanjana) #4

Thnk you for your reply and any suggestion on how to capture that


(Kavinda Rasanjana) #5

hi , Thank you for your feedback and what can i use for that time stamp


(Magnus Bäck) #6

hi , Thank you for your feedback and what can i use for that time stamp


Why don't you try it out?

Regarding how to match "Balance Check", the most efficient would be to match two words with (?<fieldname>\w+ \w+), but is it always two words there? Or do you want to match everything up to the number at the end? In the latter case DATA or GREEDYDATA would be adequate choices.

Anyway, you should be more diligent with the use of ^ and $ anchors. The loglevel should always match at the beginning of the string so your expression should begin with ^%{LOGLEVEL:Info} (I think the Info field name is a misnomer, but that's another story) and it should end with %{NUMBER:id}$ since the number must always be at the end of the string (right?).

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