No metricbeat data sent via Logstash is shown in Kibana "Metrics" section

Hi there,

I'm sending Metricbeat data via Logstash to Elasticsearch. Data is there and I can query the index just fine in Kibana "Discover".

However, even if I add the index in "Observability -> Metrics - > Settings", I cannot see any data in "Observabilty -> Metrics".

Maybe there is something missing in the index template. How can I debug this and create a proper index template via API?


Can you post the mapping for one of the indices? You can run the command below in the "Dev Console" but replace {index-name} with one of the index names.

GET {index-name}/_mapping

Hi Chris! Yes I can. Here is the output:

The output is a bit long. So I had to put it on a gist.


Looks like your Metricbeat mappings are not setup correctly. This is usually done by running ./metricbeat setup directly against your Elasticsearch cluster. Since you have a custom index pattern you might need to fiddle with the metricbeat.yml some to ensure the index pattern gets setup correctly. OR you could just run the default, then look at what the index template for metricbeat looks like and copy/modify it for your index patterns.

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