Non-zero metrics in the last 30s

I am receiving this message. I noticed that my syslog file is being spammed with it, and I am not sure why they are being produced, and not sure how to stop them. It looks like it is json format of localhost statistics, like memory usage, cpu usage, etc.

INFO        [monitoring]        log/log.go:145        Non-zero metrics in the last 30s ... {"monitoring": {"metrics": {"beat":{"cgroup":{"memory":{"mem":{"usage":{"bytes":94208}}}},"cpu":{"system":

I would appreciate any insight that can be shared into these messages.


What OS are you on, what version of Filebeat and how did you install it?

I am running Ubuntu 20.04.1. I am running filebeat 7.10.0. I believe I did an "apt install filebeat".

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