Not able to find logstash plain log in the var/log/logstash directory

I am not able to find logstash-plain.log in the var/log/logstash directory. Configurations are set to write logs in /var/log/logstash directory. please advise.

Logstash missing logs issue

  1. Permissions:
    /var/log/logstash or logstash/logs are default log directories. /var/log/logstash is used in systemctl mode service, logstash/logs are when you use binaries from zip as a process. In the process mode, LS will be run as user which run it.
    In the service mode, the default user is "logstash".The default "logstash" user must have permissions to /var/log/logstash, run:
    chown -R logstash:logstash /var/log/logstash/

  2. You can change logs path, set in logstash.yml
    path.logs: /path/ls-dir

Another option is to change individually pathd in log4j2.propeties:
appender.rolling.fileName = ${sys:ls.logs}/logstash-plain.log
appender.json_rolling.fileName = ${sys:ls.logs}/logstash-json.log

Everything seems to be ok as you mentioned. Below is FYR. however I am not able to find plain logs only logstash-slowlog-json.log and their rotation files in the var/log/logstash directory.

drwxrwxr-x 2 logstash logstash 28K Nov 17 06:19 logstash

set in logstash.yml
logs: "/var/log/logstash"

appender.rolling.fileName = ${sys:ls.logs}/logstash-${sys:ls.log.format}.log
appender.json_rolling.fileName = ${sys:ls.logs}/logstash-${sys:ls.log.format}.log

Maybe your LS is not fully started. Check journal.
How do you start as a process or service? Are you you that LS pick .conf file? Set log.level: debug in logstash.yml.

Also sometimes you have an issue when logstash user doesn't have permission on /tmp directory. Check here.

Service is functioning properly and having access to write tmp directory. We are getting json logs but no plain logs

Set log.format: plain in logstash.yml

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