Not getting output with CEF codec

I've got a working pipeline in Logstash where non-ECS JSON (I have ecs_compatibility disabled in my pipeline) is coming in from SQS, getting transformed using mutate filters, and then output using stdout and the rubydebug codec. What comes out looks like what you'd want in CEF:

    "requestClientApplication" => "Chrome",
    "deviceEventClassID" => "user.signin",
    "startTime" => "2022-12-14T20:33:26.818366+00:00",
    "deviceVendor" => "FooCorp",
    "name" => "User signed in.",
    "severity" => 1,
    "sourceAddress" => "",
    "@timestamp" => 2022-12-15T18:52:58.155290299Z,
    "deviceProduct" => "auth-api",
    "eventId" => "6F93AEDC-9035-43F4-8A50-D4ACD18CDBE5",
    "deviceVersion" => "3143-abcdef12",
    "sourceUserName": ""

But when I change stdout to use the cef codec... nothing comes out. No log message.

When I turn on debug level logging, I see a debug level CEF formatted message that looks like it's from Logstash itself:

CEF:0|Elasticsearch|Logstash|1.0|Logstash|Logstash|6|[2022-12-15T18:57:36,183][DEBUG][org.logstash.execution.PeriodicFlush][main] Pushing flush onto pipeline.

But my log message does not appear. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

I think you are misinterpreting that. The CEF:0|Elasticsearch|Logstash|1.0|Logstash|Logstash|6| (with no newline) is what the cef codec will output if you do not specify the fields option to tell it which fields to add to the cef message. The periodic flush message is just a debug log message.


codec => cef { fields => [ "requestClientApplication", "deviceEventClassID", "startTime", "deviceVendor", "name", "severity", "sourceAddress", "deviceProduct", "eventId", "deviceVersion", "sourceUserName" ] }

which should result in

CEF:0|Elasticsearch|Logstash|1.0|Logstash|Logstash|6|requestClientApplication=Chrome deviceEventClassID=user.signin startTime=2022-12-14T20:33:26.818366+00:00 deviceVendor=FooCorp name=User signed in. severity=1 sourceAddress= deviceProduct=auth-api eventId=6F93AEDC-9035-43F4-8A50-D4ACD18CDBE5 deviceVersion=3143-abcdef12

That makes so much sense. Thank you! I've got it working now.

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