Not logging errors for .net agent

Hi everyone, I'm trying out Elastic Cloud against a .net application, APM traces looks so good, however on Error tab I do not see any error, even when I inject errors on app to test it

I'm using latest version available on Elastic Cloud for products and using nuget packages according to Framework >= 4.6 as ELK documentation noted.

I have configured Elastic APM module on web.config file, not directly on app code.

Thanks in advance for your help, We're evaluating best APM tool available for our application and this seems pretty good so far, however Error logging is of course a must to us.

Hello Jose,

Are you using a middleware to trap error?

We are having the same issue with a custom error handling middleware.

Hi Michael thanks for responding and about your question, no, we don't use any middleware, in fact I can see some 500 and 4xx errors on Transaction tab when I zoom into specific transactions, but I cannot see anything on Error tab

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