Nothing is being logged to the log file

So filebeat is running my apache log, located in /var/log/httpd and the path I'm using is /var/log/httpd/* in the filebeats.yml file but from what I can tell it's doing nothing. I thought I should check the log file, changed it to debug mode, but nothing is being written to the log. My last log message was over half hour ago relating to [processor] and adding meta data.

I added the repository and installed it using yum and started the service with systemctl start filebeat.

I have it so it's going to logstash on 5044, but again there is nothing in this log either.

I'm finding it really hard to troubleshoot because I have no information to go on since nothing seems to be happening in the logs.

Would you mind posting the first 50 lines or so of your Filebeat log, after restarting it? If there's any sensitive information in there, please be sure to mask it first.



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