Offcice 365 with beat?

Can i get audit log form office 365 with awesome beat? Maybeat O365beat :smiley:
Or have any solution for this case.
Thanks :smiley:

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Does it log to a file?

thank @warkolm. It's not a file.
If if it llog to a file , i can use filebeat.
For getting log form O365, need call API O365. Like splunk, they have app for get log O365 only :smiley:

I'm not aware of any beat like this. Maybe you can find a tool subscribing to the APIs event stream and write those to json logs.
Reading logs/data from remote also looks like a good job for Logstash, but no idea if any plugins do exist.

That's an interesting feature request. @tatdat can you please open a feature request in GitHub as an issue for now? Thanks.

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Thank all.
I'm coding for getting log O365 via api and write into json file.!

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