One file come five times in output

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I have 10 log files in folder.

And i get output:
2016/05/25 12:53:11.061273 output.go:87: DBG output worker: publish 38 events
2016/05/25 12:53:11.267406 publish.go:104: INFO Events sent: 38
2016/05/25 12:53:11.268415 registrar.go:157: INFO Registry file updated. 10 states written.

38 events are send to log stash.

and logstash output to elastic search:
"hits": {
"total": 42,
"max_score": 1

But it has to be send 10 log file because i am having only 10 log file in a folder.why its send 38 to ls and 42 to es.

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Anybody there?

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It seems like you only post an excerpt of the output. It could be that before or after the additional 4 events are sent. Here you can find more details what you should report when opening an issue: Beats: How to report an issue

Please be patient when posting question, reposting will only flood inboxes more. If you need commercial support, check out the subscriptions:

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Thanks a lot lot @ruflin

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