One file come five times in output

I have 10 log files in folder.

And i get output:
2016/05/25 12:53:11.061273 output.go:87: DBG output worker: publish 38 events
2016/05/25 12:53:11.267406 publish.go:104: INFO Events sent: 38
2016/05/25 12:53:11.268415 registrar.go:157: INFO Registry file updated. 10 states written.

38 events are send to log stash.

and logstash output to elastic search:
"hits": {
"total": 42,
"max_score": 1

But it has to be send 10 log file because i am having only 10 log file in a folder.why its send 38 to ls and 42 to es.

Anybody there?

It seems like you only post an excerpt of the output. It could be that before or after the additional 4 events are sent. Here you can find more details what you should report when opening an issue: Beats: How to report an issue

Please be patient when posting question, reposting will only flood inboxes more. If you need commercial support, check out the subscriptions:

Thanks a lot lot @ruflin