One filebeat to more IPs anad ports per appliaction

Hello, excuse me but isn't time for some changes?
I watched some threads here and on another sites a many people ask for more different target IPs or ports, for example:
we have hundreds servers with JBoss, on each of them runs 1-5 instances and in each instance runs 1-5 applications - our elstack/kibana team uses about ten servers and for each application use different port
when is 15 applications on 1 server and each of them uses different port, we must have 15 instances of filebeat on server? why? please change definitions for hosts for example as wrote ' [yuswanul]':
application_name: "APP1"
hosts: ["LOG-server1:10001"]
application_name: "APP2"
hosts: ["LOG-server1:10002", "LOG-server2:10002"]

thank you so much

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