Only connect to rabbitmq user username 'guest' and vhost '/'

(Jenyow) #1

Logstash version: 6.4.2
RabbitMQ version: 3.7.7

My rabbitmq input configuration and rabbitmq users is below:


input {
rabbitmq {
type =>"log"
host => ""
port => 5682
vhost => "/"
user => "guest"
password => "guest"
queue => "acdp.log"
exchange => "acdp.log"
exchange_type => "direct"
key => "acdp.log.key"
durable => true

It is success connect to the rabbitmq. The log:

When I change vhost to 'acdp', it connected fail:

when I change the user to 'admin', all fail ! The log is difference:

In the java application all is work. So that, the mq has no problem.
What is wrong in the logstash configuration ?

(Magnus Bäck) #2

Did you check the RabbitMQ log as suggested in the first error message?

(Jenyow) #3

Thanks. I found the reason.
My windows install one rabbitmq(port: 5672) and the docker install the same(port: 5682), windows rabbitmq only has the default user and vhost.
During development, I set the port 5682. Spring boot amqp application is connect to the docker rabbitmq, but the logstash connect to the windows rabbitmq.

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