OpenTelemetry metrics are not properly shown on Kibana

Kibana version: 8.6.1

Elasticsearch version: 8.6.1

APM Server version: 8.6.1

OpenTelementry Java Agent: 1.22.1

Original install method (e.g. download page, yum, deb, from source, etc.) and version:
We used the docker compose published here: elasticsearch/docker-compose.yml at main · elastic/elasticsearch · GitHub and added the following section for the APM Server:

        condition: service_healthy
      - certs:/usr/share/apm-server/certs
      - ${APM_PORT}:8200
    command: >
      apm-server -e
         -E output.elasticsearch.hosts=["es01:9200"]
         -E output.elasticsearch.protocol=https
         -E output.elasticsearch.username=elastic
         -E output.elasticsearch.password=${ELASTIC_PASSWORD}
         -E output.elasticsearch.ssl.enabled=true
         -E output.elasticsearch.ssl.certificate_authorities=/usr/share/apm-server/certs/ca/ca.crt
         -E output.elasticsearch.ssl.certificate=/usr/share/apm-server/certs/es01/es01.crt
         -E output.elasticsearch.ssl.key=/usr/share/apm-server/certs/es01/es01.key
          "curl --write-out 'HTTP %{http_code}' --fail --silent --output /dev/null http://localhost:8200/",
      interval: 10s
      timeout: 10s
      retries: 120

Fresh install

Description of the problem including expected versus actual behavior. Please include screenshots (if relevant):

We received all logs, metrics, and traces from our sample Java application. Both logs and traces are perfectly shown in Kibana —> APM —> Services option, but the metrics tab is empty.

But there are a lot of metrics under Analytics —> Discovery.

Should we do something to have that data properly displayed in the APM section?

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Setup Elasticsearch, Kibana and APM Server (Oficial Docker compose + APM Server)
  2. Install the APM Integration from Kibana
  3. Instrument PetClinic (SpringBoot application) with OpenTelemetry Java Agent to export logs, metrics, and traces directly to APM Server
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Hi @nicolas.orbes , thanks for reporting this.

There is currently an issue open to fix the OpenTelemetry mappings for JVM metrics, so it it very likely related to OpenTelemetry JVM metrics are not properly mapped · Issue #12 · elastic/apm-data · GitHub

My plan is to start working on it short term, so hopefully we can provide a fix for that very soon.

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Oh, lucky my, just run into an open issue :wink:

Thanks @Sylvain_Juge for your quick answer, hope you can tackle this soon, happy coding!

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