Operator Updates

With how quickly ECK is updating/evolving, I'm wondering if we will be receiving upgrade path documentation for updating the operator(to 0.9 and beyond, for those of us who started with 8.0). This would definitely help me out. I could just snapshot the cluster, blow it away, rebuild it and restore with the newest version, but I would like to keep everything if at all possible.

Is this possible?


Hey @tadgh,

There is no guarantee of backward compatibility between versions until we reach 1.0, especially in the current "alpha" phase. That's unfortunate, but will help designing something solid for 1.0.

We still plan to improve on migration from one version to the other. 0.9 includes a lot of fundamentally breaking changes, 0.10 will do as well.

ECK 0.9 should ignore your resources created with 0.8, and we plan to document how 0.9 is not backward-compatible with 0.8. Your best best to handle 0.8 to 0.9 migration is probably to backup and restore your cluster.

Sorry about that, we plan to do better in the future (post beta), and starting 1.0 this is definitely something we'll handle cleanly.