Optimal way to handle log with multiple format?

I try to parse this dataset: https://github.com/logpai/loghub/tree/master/Android using logstash.
I have tried using grok filter but some parts of the log contains multiple templates.

example of log:

03-17 16:13:38.811  1702  2395 D WindowManager: printFreezingDisplayLogsopening app wtoken = AppWindowToken{9f4ef63 token=Token{a64f992 ActivityRecord{de9231d u0 com.tencent.qt.qtl/.activity.info.NewsDetailXmlActivity t761}}}, allDrawn= false, startingDisplayed =  false, startingMoved =  false, isRelaunching =  false
03-17 16:13:38.819  1702  8671 D PowerManagerService: acquire lock=233570404, flags=0x1, tag="View Lock", name=com.android.systemui, ws=null, uid=10037, pid=2227
03-17 16:13:38.820  1702  8671 D PowerManagerService: ready=true,policy=3,wakefulness=1,wksummary=0x23,uasummary=0x1,bootcompleted=true,boostinprogress=false,waitmodeenable=false,mode=false,manual=38,auto=-1,adj=0.0userId=0
03-17 16:13:38.839  1702  2113 V WindowManager: Skipping AppWindowToken{df0798e token=Token{78af589 ActivityRecord{3b04890 u0 com.tencent.qt.qtl/com.tencent.video.player.activity.PlayerActivity t761}}} -- going to hide
03-17 16:13:38.859  2227  2227 D TextView: visible is system.time.showampm

My grok filter:

filter {
	grok {
	patterns_dir => ["./patterns"]
	match => { "message" => "%{MONTHANDDAY:date}%{SPACE}%{TIME:time}%{SPACE}%{NUMBER:pid}%{SPACE}\

Result: Logstash can handle log with same structure. How about the postfix with 100+ templates? Do I need to manually define grok pattern for each template or what is the correct tool for this?

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