Oracle column date value is automatically getting converted by logstash to UTC zone


Logstash is modifying the data while writing to elastic search.

There is a date column in oracle database with time in it. when I am pulling it using logstash2.1.0 to Elasticsearch, the time value is getting converted to UTC zone automatically.

In database value of the column is(default CET Zone) -
process_start: 01-JUN-16 10.47.48 AM

On elastic search, the value for the same field is -
process_start: 2016-06-01T08:47:48.000Z

No processing is happening in filters for this column.

What can be done for conversion not to be applied. Thanks.

ES stores all dates as UTC, if you want to control this see

Thanks so much Walkom. :slight_smile:
I will try those filters and see.