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  1. I need to get oracle listener logs loaded using LS. I was able to extract the timestamp and replace the LS @timestamp successfully as well as some other info.
    I am fairly new to regexp/grok, but came across this pattern. It appears to be working as it creates program, user, ip_client fields in ES, but I want to better understand how this works.

Mock-up of a listener event:
02-DEC-2016 01:01:01 * (CONNECT_DATA=(SID=xyz)(CID=(PROGRAM=someprogram)(HOST=somehost)(USER=someone))) * (ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)(HOST= * establish * somehost * 0

grok {
match => [ "lsnr_message","^.PROGRAM=(?.?)).USER=(?.?)).*ADDRESS.HOST=(?<ip_client>%{IP}).$" ]

  1. One thing I noticed during testing is that sometimes I see (PROGRAM=). I get a grok parse failure. Is there a way to modify this pattern to have it as optional?


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Please mark your grok expression as preformatted text so it isn't mangled. If you read your expression as posted above you'll notice that there are pieces missing.

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