Oracle listener regexp/grok pattern help


  1. I need to get oracle listener logs loaded using LS. I was able to extract the timestamp and replace the LS @timestamp successfully as well as some other info.
    I am fairly new to regexp/grok, but came across this pattern. It appears to be working as it creates program, user, ip_client fields in ES, but I want to better understand how this works.

Mock-up of a listener event:
02-DEC-2016 01:01:01 * (CONNECT_DATA=(SID=xyz)(CID=(PROGRAM=someprogram)(HOST=somehost)(USER=someone))) * (ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)(HOST= * establish * somehost * 0

grok {
match => [ "lsnr_message","^.PROGRAM=(?.?)).USER=(?.?)).*ADDRESS.HOST=(?<ip_client>%{IP}).$" ]

  1. One thing I noticed during testing is that sometimes I see (PROGRAM=). I get a grok parse failure. Is there a way to modify this pattern to have it as optional?


Please mark your grok expression as preformatted text so it isn't mangled. If you read your expression as posted above you'll notice that there are pieces missing.

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