OSS filebeat error "No such input type exist 'httpjson'"

I switched from the elastic licensed filebeat to OSS version and am getting this new error when trying to use httpjson input:

Not doing anything special here; was working fine with elastic licensed version.

Hi @estebanes22 Welcome to the community and thanks for using for using The Elastic Stack.

The httpjson input is a feature covered by the Elastic license, it is free with Basic License but is not available as part of the OSS distribution.

You can tell that in the docs with the little X-Pack icon on any feature that is covered by the Elastic License / non OSS.

Good catch, thank you. Do you know if there are any plans to include this plugin into the OSS version? Should I submit a feature request?

I would not expect that to be transferred to the OSS feature set, however you can certainly file a feature request.

@estebanes22 Curious, is there a specific reason you do not want to use the Elastic Basic license?

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