Other deployment options for functionbeat


The current deployment method of functionbeat, doesn't support adding AWS resource tags for different deployments.

I saw Pass AWS tags to resources created by Functionbeat
which went unanswered.
Currently, deployment using the CLI creates a bucket and deploys a cloud formation stack is not again scalable.
if One organization operates on multiple AWS regions, the bucket for logs will be on each region, and there are use cases that not all logs will go into one or two buckets.
it would be nice to have a terraform module to deploy functionbeat which solves many of these problems.
but I am not sure how the ZIP file used by lambda was constructed. I can see CLI removes it from the bucket after cloudformation deployment.
beats/cli_manager.go at master · elastic/beats · GitHub

do you have any suggestions to add AWS tags to resources? and
make this more scalable for many buckets(running CLI command to install or upgrade is not very ideal)?


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