Output to different elastic search Indices based on the string

I have a Category field (cat) which can have following value and future expect to add more.


Currently I have following code to output to the different Elasticsearch indices from our Logstash pipeline . I was wondering is there a dynamic way where I don't have to add a new if statement each time I have a new Category and If I can achieve the following with more dynamic and small code and should automatically output to the right index without me add a new statement each time I add a new category.

output {

  if "BL" in [cat] {

   elasticsearch {

		hosts => "elasticsearch:9200"
		index => "Index-BL"
  if "LA" in [cat] {

   elasticsearch {

		hosts => "elasticsearch:9200"
		index => "Index-LA"
  if "KA" in [cat] {

   elasticsearch {

		hosts => "elasticsearch:9200"
		index => "Index-KA"

You can use a sprintf reference. In the output you can use

index => "Index-%{cat}"

If you only want a certain set of indexes created use

if [cat] in [ "BA", "KA", "LA" ]

around the output.

Thanks for the reply . I will try and test . Does that mean I can remove the if statements and Logstash will send the output to the right index ?

That's the idea, yes.

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