Output with index got error

I am using filebeat to collect nginx log and sent to ealsticsearch.
when config output.elasticsearch.index as : index: "onwards" , everything is fine, and kibana can catch the message.
But when I change "onwards" to "onwards-%{[beat.version]}-%{[+yyyy.MM.dd]}", then I got an error:

Bulk item insert failed (i=0, status=500): {"type":"string_index_out_of_bounds_exception","reason":"String index out of range: 0"}

And check the item was insert into elasticsearch as default index name, filebeat-6.3.2-*****,
Don't know where goes error..
my filebeat config:

try it instead : onwards-%{[beat.version]}-%{+YYYY.MM.dd}

Not work. Actually I had already try

all fail..

removed [ ] in {[yyyy.MM.dd]}

you see. onwards-%{[beat.version]} also not work..

I tried onwards-%{[beat.version]} , also not work. So it may not relate to []

Anyone can help...
I am new to filebeat. Any really dont know what happen..

Hi, I had resolved this problem. Actually there are two problem.

  1. As @Charaf_Ahmed said, the time define is not correct.
  2. About the beat.version. As I had drop "beat" field on the below configuration , then "beat.version" no more available.

thanks @Charaf_Ahmed again for help.

it's cool !

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