Override multiline configuration in helm is not working


I am using helm --set command line parameter to override filebeatConfig at run time https://github.com/elastic/helm-charts/blob/master/filebeat/values.yaml

Errors I get:
Error: template: filebeat/templates/daemonset.yaml:29:27: executing "filebeat/templates/daemonset.yaml" at <include (print .Template.BasePath "/configmap.yaml") .>: error calling include: template: filebeat/templates/configmap.yaml:13:35: executing "filebeat/templates/configmap.yaml" at <.Values.filebeatConfig>: range can't iterate over

I am trying to override as yaml string literal.

filebeat.yml: |
                        - type: docker
                          - '*'
                          - add_kubernetes_metadata:
                              in_cluster: true

Please advise.

Could you verify if all indents in the file are correct?

thanks for your response. i see the indent is correct. i am not sure how to proceed.

Hi @eyesmoker,
Can you provides the full command that you using to to override filebeatConfig and your value file?

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